A University of Rochester former assistant football coach is suing the school for defamation of character. He bailed out a player who ended up getting a very long sentence for the kidnapping and torture of two other players. This guy probably should not have bailed out this kid in the first place, but he alleges that the school defamed him to make itself look better. He says that there were a few people who were involved in that player getting bailed out. This feels oddly similar to the way that the FBI investigation is going in Louisville. Louisville just got rid of Rick Pitino and their AD.

The assistant at the school will end up looking the worst, and that is because the name of the school is more important than integrity.

Who cares about Rochester?

Frankly, no one probably cares all that much about the University of Rochester. If you are a musician, you know it is the sister school of the Eastman School of Music. That is all the notoriety this school will probably ever get, but if this man's lawsuit is true, they defamed him to protect a reputation none of us even knew was tarnished. I had not heard of this story until today, and that is how buried that original story must have been when it happened. Now imagine what a bigger school would do to make sure they do not get into trouble.

Schools like to find someone to blame, and they try to move on as fast as possible. Baylor tried to blame Dave Bliss alone, and it turned out that their whole university was operating under a dark cloud. college sports will make you do dumb things.

We like sports too much

We are all a little bit too happy to see college sports carry on, and that is why we are putting up statues of Joe Paterno only to take them down.

We are willing to ignore the fact that he knew what was going on. It took intrepid reporting to find out that Paterno had violated the trust of the school. We wanted to see Penn State football in the blue and white, and Rochester must have wanted to see their football team more than justice. They picked out someone to take the blame, and he could be compensated in open court for being defamed.

This makes college sports look bad, and it is a far worse problem than many other scandals that we have weathered.

Be discerning

We need to be more discerning about the sports we watch and how we watch them. We need to make sure that we have been as wise as possible about the teams we watch, and we need to be willing to admit when our favorite school is wrong.