Axios reported that Trump may replace Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, with the CIA director Mike Pompeo. A few days before this report, NBC had reported that Tillerson called Donald a “moron” and had threatened to resign. Trump had previously claimed that Rex did not call him a "moron" and was honored by Rex's response to "moron-gate." However, Trump has not commented on whether Rex will be replaced. Nevertheless, Axios is claiming that the relationship is beyond repair.

Moron-gate might be Trump's grounds for firing Tillerson

Prior to the report from Axios, NBC reported that Rex Tillerson called Donald a “moron” and alleged that the two are constantly clashing over foreign policy.

After the report was released, Tillerson gave a press conference denying the content of the report. However, he did not deny calling Trump a moron. Directly after Rex gave this press conference, Trump began tweeting that the NBC report was “fake news” and argued that they lied in their report. NBC has stated that they stand by their reporting. Subsequently, Trump was asked whether he still has confidence in Tillerson and Trump stated that he did.

However, it is has been reported that although Donald alleged that the report was “fake news”, behind the scenes, for over two hours, he was furious about being called a moron. Axios is reporting that the relationship between Trump and Tillerson is beyond repair.

Their relationship is so irreparable that Donald might actually replace Tillerson with Mike Pompeo. There has not been any word from Trump about whether the report is true, but Axios claims they spoke to several sources about this situation.

Trump is thinking of Replacing Tillerson with Pompeo

Trump and Mike Pompeo allegedly have a good relationship.

It is also alleged that Donald respects that Pompeo is not a “showboat.” In addition, Tillerson seems to have lost the respect of world leaders, which is something Trump believes Pompeo may regain.

Tillerson has stated that he would be willing to stay in his post for as long as Donald felt he was necessary. However, if this Axios report is true, Donald may replace Tillerson sooner than expected.

NBC is reporting that Tillerson was summoned to the White House in the midst of this controversy. This could mean that Trump is interested in removing Rex. If Tillerson is replaced with Pompeo, then he will still have to find someone to replace Pompeo as CIA director. With so many vacancies in the Federal Government, it will not be easy to replace Pompeo. However, it does not seem like the relationship between Trump and Tillerson can be salvaged. If the relationship cannot be salvaged, then Tillerson will likely be the latest casualty of the Trump Presidency.