The Las Vegas massacre brings to fore the role of the National Rifle Association in preventing Gun Control laws. They have a stranglehold on key politicians. In addition, the judiciary has used the defense of the Second Amendment to strike down gun control laws. The killing of 59 people in Las Vegas exposes the inequity in the system.

Las Vegas killings may not bring gun control

According to the Washington Post, The National Rifle Association has supported President Trump during his campaign. The stranglehold that the NRA has on today’s politicians is so strong that even the killing of 59 innocent people in Las Vegas cannot push them to more stringent gun control laws.

The strategy of the NRA is to create insecurity in the minds of people through advertising and an artificial need to buy and possess guns. The NRA ads target the vulnerable groups such as women who live alone. The ads of NRA increase the fear of burglary, larceny, and murder.

Mass murder took place because of misleading advertising

The Las Vegas deaths of 59 innocent people are also murders. This mass murder is far more ghastly than the artificial threat that NRA portrays in its advertisements. Countries such as Great Britain and Australia have such stringent laws that mass murders have become almost impossible in those countries. The NRA has created an aura of miraculous protective power around guns.

What they don’t mention is that guns also have the diabolical power of killing 59 innocent people and injuring more than 526 people in Las Vegas. President Trump calls the killings “evil”, the guns used for shooting the people are also evil and should be banned.

Why can’t the courts be more sensitive?

When we are mourning the deaths of 59 people who were mercilessly gunned down, the courts should also take a responsible position.

The argument used in court refers to The Second Amendment of the US Constitution. Possession of arms was allowed to sustain the militia.But now there is no militia, and the security of free United States is increased through stronger anti-ballistic missile defenses. In 2008, the District of Columbia vs. Heller confirmed that and an individual had the right to keep and bear arms.

The verdict was passed against Washington D.C. laws that prohibited handguns and required that guns in the home should be locked or dismantled. Gun ownership is neither a birthright nor a part of US’s heritage. The best memorial to the 59 people killed in Las Vegas would be a stringent gun control law similar to those in the UK and Australia.