Pat Robertson is the founder of Regent University and the "Christian Broadcasting Network," He is a minister who is supposed to be teaching people to put God first. On Monday, however, Robertson went the way of many modern preachers and exalted human flesh. He blamed the horrific shooting in Las Vegas on the NFL players disrespecting Donald Trump and the National Anthem.

Those licensed to preach the Christian gospel are to share the love of Christ and emphasize giving Him first place in their lives. We now live in a culture where the glory that used to go to the Almighty is now given to men.

Exalting humans over God is dangerous

It used to be if you turned on "Christian" television, you saw preachers such as Billy Graham telling viewers to give their lives to Christ. Today messages on these networks are vastly different. Increasing numbers of preachers talk about destiny and purpose, and how we all need another human being to speaking into our lives, and pour into us spiritually. Gone are the days when believers were encouraged to read the Bible and hear God's voice for themselves. Pat Robertson's network used to focus on Jesus Christ, but now he is telling people that the National Anthem and the United States president are what is important.

Had Robertson said that God allowed tragedies because this nation was turning away from Him, it would have at least been somewhat understandable.

To say that NFL players are to blame because they disrespected Donald Trump and the Anthem borders on blasphemy and dangerous because it elevates the president to god-like status. It's also ridiculous because all recent U.S. leaders have those who disagree with them. If indeed God is mad at America it would more likely be because people are being taught to love leaders more than Him.

After all the Bible says he is a jealous God.

Pat Robertson's attitude is not a good one

It is very interesting that Pat Robertson has not spoken out on all the crude comments and disrespect that have come from the mouth and tweets of Donald Trump. He like other supporters of the POTUS have turned a blind eye to all the hate and vitriol the current president has unleashed on the nation.

Where was Robertson after the white supremacists were in Charlottesville which is close to his neck of the woods? Why did he not speak up when "The Donald" began disrespecting another world leaders and lied that Obama wiretapped his tower.

To blame the NFL players because an older white male purchased guns and used them to kill innocent people in Las Vegas is utterly absurd. Statements like this are one reason people do not want anything to do with Christianity.

Preachers are licensed to be servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and glorify his name. Pat Robertson is one of a growing number of ministers who no spend more time trying to encourage people to love and adore earthbound leaders. This attitude is not a good one and probably will bring the wrath of God quicker than not agreeing with the president or standing for an anthem.