Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may be the next head to roll on the White House chopping block. MSNBC has reported that Tillerson referred to the president of the United States as a moron and considered leaving his job in July.

During an interview with the media on Wednesday, the SOS did not deny the charge but only said he would not engage in conversation regarding current allegations. The POTUS, as always, tweeted regarding the matter, saying NBC was "fake news." If the commander in chief stays true to his usual mode of operation, Rex Tillerson will be the next person in the White House to be fired or forced to abruptly resign.

Donald Trump has a pattern

Since he began occupying space in the Oval Office, Donald Trump has continued in a specific mode of operation when it comes to those who oppose him. Whenever something leaks from the White House that implies a Trump official is disgruntled, the president refers to it as fake news. Within days, however, the offending individual either quits or is fired. Now it is the Secretary of State whose head is on the chopping block because he is alleged to have called his boss a moron.

If the pattern of the president holds true, then Rex Tillerson will be the next person to vacate his position within the Trump administration. The Donald has maintained the methods he used when he was on "The Apprentice." He think's nothing of saying, "You're fired."

This man does not tolerate any type of disloyalty and the Secretary of State calling him a moron is pretty bad.

Whatever previous occupants of the Oval Office or their appointees thought about each other, it remained private. This is the first time in recorded modern history where the leader of the free world has caused so much hate and vitriol and brought out the ire in most everyone around him.

Former State Department official says Tillerson should resign

Richard Haass is a former State Department official who worked closely with then-Secretary of State Colin Powell. He was recently quoted as saying that Rex Tillerson was given a bad hand by president Trump. Haass says for these reasons Tillerson should quickly resign.

Whether he goes by his own choice or is forced out of his position, the handwriting is on the wall for the current SOS.

Donald Trump now has NBC on his fake news list along with CNN. If he continues to add names to his list, the Donald will have his base believing that there is not one reputable news outlet in the nation, and they all are against the POTUS. Whatever the fate of Rex Tillerson, Americans realize from past situations, that the president will spin it in his favor, and keep moving until its time to remove the next person who betrays him.