The Golden State Warriors have been depicted as a powerhouse team that can defeat any NBA team. They are a colossal team or so that's what was thought. Each season is different, and a lot of teams in the Western Conference made significant moves to get better to challenge The Warriors.

The Warriors suffered their first loss versus the Houston Rockets in a close game. They were up by double digits in the game, but momentum started to swing in the Rockets direction. Even though it is only one game, it signals a collapse and the possibility that people did not quite expect.

A team might have found out the Warriors weakness and the superteam's reign could be over by the end of the season and playoffs. However, which teams have the highest chance to defeat the Warriors and challenge them in the postseason?


The Rockets were able to defeat the Warriors with an overall team effort. Everyone contributed to make an impact, little or big. Eric Gordon was able to hit clutch shots to get inches closer and James Harden was spectacular with the ball in his hands creating shots for teammates and making shots of his own.

Critiquing what happened from the first game, it is easy to see that the Rockets have a chance to compete with the Warriors this year and in the postseason.

Although Chris Paul was not shooting well and had to be taken out late in the game with an injury, they still fought back to win the game. The Rockets at full force have a chance to end the Warriors dream of getting another ring.


The San Antonio Spurs are overlooked a lot and it is engraved in their DNA to defeat superteams or challenge them.

Kawhi Leonard is currently out with a quadriceps injury, although, he will make the Spurs so much better than they already are once he is healthy. I think he is one of the best two way players in the league and he could earn MVP this year. There are others who could also get it over Leonard though.

If all players on the team are healthy, i do not see why they don't have a good chance to defeat the Warriors.

I still believe they could have beaten them last year or had a very close series if Kawhi did not get injured in the first game of the playoffs with an ankle injury. Kawhi and a couple of other players like LaMarcus Aldridge, Rudy Gay, and Tony Parker are the key to the Spurs winning.


I also believe that the Oklahoma City Thunder can defeat the Warriors and end their reign. This team got a lot better with their acquisitions of Carmelo Anthony and Paul George. It will take some time for the three to form chemistry with each other over the season. Once everything clicks on all cylinders, they have a great chance to end the formidable Warriors.

Russell Westbrook is on a mission and he is arguable one of the best point guards in the league.

He could very well win MVP again this year with the weapons he has at his disposal.

The Warriors can repeat

Through everything, there is no doubt that the Warriors can win another ring this year, but this season they will have more competition than last year. They already have started out 0-1. The team will have to go through adversity and more challenges this year if they want to win again.

In my opinion, the Rockets, Thunder, and Spurs have a great chance to defeat and ruin the Warriors' reign in the NBA. Any of these three teams can be great and be the champion of this NBA season.