Everyone, by now, has heard the name, Stephen Paddock. He was the 64-year-old gunman who killed 58 and injured more than 500 people in Las Vegas. In talking with neighbors, family and those who saw him frequent the casinos, the news media continues to be baffled as to a motive. Professionals are weighing in and many are trying to profile this man to figure out what made him tick. Based on an article by the Associated Press, the answer may be easier than the experts believe. Sometimes the simplest theory is the correct one and it could be the answer for the man who committed this horrific Mass murder.

The mystery behind the man

Based on testimony from neighbors, Stephen Paddock was quirky, to say the least. Those who watched him frequent gambling casinos in Las Vegas say he had a curious habit. If anyone sat beside him and began smoking, Paddock would light up a cigar and blow it in the direction of the individual who had invaded his space with smoke. He literally would blow it right in their faces. Eric Paddock said his oldest brother was the king of microaggression.

Casino patrons said this man had a way of staring at you that gave the impression he was trying to dominate or appear in control. Steven Paddock was said to be a methodical planner, who paid close attention to details in others.

This trait helped him win at gambling, but could also be what caused him to be so calculating. This may be part of the reason he became so dangerous and committed mass murder, according to criminologists. The mystery behind this man, however, could be as simple as the life lived by his father.

Like father-like son could be the answer

Paddock's father was sentenced to 20 years in prison for robbing a bank when his oldest child was only seven years old. Benjamin Paddock escaped and was on the run for close to 10 years. He was described as being egotistical, arrogant, a frequent gambler, a psychopath, and suicidal. He was also reported to be armed and dangerous.

The Paddock siblings grew up with little interaction with their father.

Stephen Paddock, just like the man who sired him, was a frequent gambler. It stands to reason that he also may have been rude, egotistical, a psychopath, and suicidal. As he did not leave a manifesto, the experts may never figure out 100 percent why this man chose the path that he died on. Although Benjamin did not raise his son, certain personality traits could have been inherited from dear old dad. And "Steve" may have carried out his wicked plan simply because of DNA, and sadly, he turned into his father.