During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump had promised to build a US-Mexico Border Wall to prevent entry of Illegal Migrants and drug smugglers into the United States. He had also promised that Mexico would finance the wall. Accordingly, contracts have been awarded, and the work has started on the prototypes. The best design would be approved by the Customs and Border Patrol and would get the final contract.

Media invited to see the work

Daily Mail UK reports that media reps were invited by Customs and Border Patrol to visit the construction site to see the progress of work in the California desert, near San Diego.

Most of the prototypes appeared to be concrete-based, and this was not in keeping with what Donald Trump had visualized. His idea was to have see-through walls also so that there would be a better control over the entry of illegal migrants and others into the United States.

The specifications for each prototype of the US-Mexico border wall had been spelled out, and dimensions were 30 feet high and 30 feet long. Also, four of the prototypes were to be of solid concrete and the remaining four of non-concrete material.

Work on building the prototypes began in September and will last for about three more weeks. After that, the best design will be selected by the CBP.

Border wall to check illegal entry

Building a new US-Mexico border wall was on the agenda of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He has indicated that Mexico would finance the wall, but the Mexican government has not yet agreed. The president is confident that Mexicans will pay for the wall.

Ronald Vitiello, CBP's acting deputy commissioner, has said that the border wall will help to keep the borders secure.

Safety and security of Americans will include barriers, infrastructure, technology and people. The prototypes under construction will incorporate various aspects of security necessary at the border to prevent entry of illegal migrants and drug smugglers.

However, the work might face hurdles because of federal lawsuits. One of these is in San Diego and seeks to block the prototypes and plans to replace existing barriers in California.

Another one related to the environment and was filed by an attorney in California.

The administration has to ensure dependable security for its people, and a border wall is essential. The existing wall has gaps in the fencing which many people exploit. The proposed wall is expected to minimize such entry points. It will have to cover a long distance and pass through large water bodies and forests. However, there is still no clarity on the source of funding.