President Donald Trump, who this observer recently described as committing "genocide by omission" in his chaotic relief effort in Puerto Rico, mocked the name of the U.S. island territory while marking Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House on Friday. In his exaggerated, contrived, phony Spanish accent, Trump overemphasized the first two letters of the word "Puerto" when saying "Puerto Rico." The forty-fifth President then repeated the exaggerated accent a second time when saying the name "Puerto Rico" again. Then, according to The Huffington Post on Saturday, Trump said, "We also like Puerto Rico," this time in his normal, New York, eastern accent.

Did not go over well

Trump's play on accents at the expense of the struggling island territory did not resonate with average Americans. Many people took to Twitter to express their outrage at the President's insensitivity and levity at the expense of suffering people who, in some cases, cannot get water for their infants or medicine for their elderly since Hurricane Maria ravaged their homeland.

Aimee F. Foster described Trump's mocking of the word "Puerto" as "the most racist thing" that she ever has "seen a President do" in her lifetime.

Pete Dako predicted that "tomorrow" Trump will do something else that will be even worse.

Joseph Britt, referring to First Lady Melania Trump, stated that the "foreign lady" was trying to "approximate a smile" while her husband mocked the word "Puerto" with his sloppy Spanish accent. Britt also stated that he is "sick" of the President's "Queens accent."

Mdiaz described Trump and the "laughing people" at the White House as "mocking all Latinos."

Camilo stated that his mother in Puerto Rico had informed him that Trump had hoped to throw "toilet paper" to people in Puerto Rico but that the White House had given him paper towels to throw instead.

Scrub described Trump as "an embarrassment." Scrub also apologized for Trump and stated that Trump is "classless" and "alone in his views."

Total lack of empathy

Trump, who has been described as having little, or no compassion for others, appears to lack empathy for people who are caught up in unfortunate predicaments.

'The Donald," it seems, loves to mock victims of natural disasters, violence, and other unfortunate situations while at the same time bragging about how he is helping the victims.

Throughout his trip to Puerto Rico, Trump was bragging repeatedly about how he and his administration are doing a "great job" in their lackluster relief efforts. At the same time, Trump complained about how access to Puerto Rico is difficult because it is an island that is "surrounded by water." Islands are surrounded by water, just like sociopaths are surrounded by exaggerated delusions of grandeur. Perhaps this is the one area in which Trump can talk from experience. What is his next delusion? Take your pick. It most likely will happen sooner or later when it comes to 'the Donald.'