This week, Lil Wayne turns 35 years old. Lil Wayne has been rapping since the early 90's and continues to this day. He's seen waves of hip-hop rise and fall and adjusted each time to reach where he is today. To hip-hop fans, Lil Wayne is a controversial figure when it comes to the legend talk. Although he is the self-proclaimed best Rapper alive, there are many people who believe that Lil Wayne is overrated or just plain terrible. Some people don't know where to categorize when they talk about their top rappers. Some people don't know the level of Wayne's music discography or impact on hip-hop.

Some people don't even know what makes a rapper considered a legend. I believe there are some universal aspects that everyone considers upon determining whether or not a rapper is a legend.

Music discography

The rapper's music discography is the main aspect that people look at when judging a rapper. Does the rapper make good music? Although music is subjective, if a rapper can make songs that universally connect to people, then I think that rapper can make good music. You should take into account what the rapper talks about and how he does he does it. Factors like wordplay, flow, and lyricism are all important. Does the rapper make a lot of music? I think that depth plays an important role in determining if a rapper is a legend.

The rapper needs a good amount of music to be judged. Also, his growth as a rapper can be viewed through multiple projects. Do other rappers like the music produced? I believe rappers and producers have a higher credibility than regular music when it comes to judging music. Those who know about the industry know the level of talent that rappers have without mainstream media bias.


Although mainstream media can give bias results, popularity generally tells you how good a rapper is. If a rapper is always relevant throughout his prime years, there is a reason for that. He's always in debates when it comes to top rappers out. He can top charts, sell albums, and get consistent radio play. The longevity of a rapper shows how well a rapper can adapt to the different trends in hip-hop.

If a rapper can show signs of popularity like he did ten years ago, then he is Rappers who don't have that legendary talent fall from their previous heights at some point.


Legendary rappers generate trends in the music industry. Aspiring rappers see other rappers succeeding and want to replicate that success. So, they copy rap style, attire, and even the name to some degree. Legendary rappers leave an impact in hip-hop. They brought a new sound to the industry that revolutionized music as a whole. They implement new ways to stand out and it works. Many other rappers try to duplicate, but it is never the same as the original.

Is Lil Wayne a legend?

In my opinion, Lil Wayne far exceeds the minimum requirements to be considered a legendary rapper.

His music discography is seemingly endless. Through mixtapes, albums, and EPs, Lil Wayne has produced a wide variety of great music. In terms of popularity, Lil Wayne is one of the most popular rappers of our generation. Whether it be good or bad press, people are always talking about him. He's been rapping since the early 90's and he still has a large fan base that wants to hear his music. As an influence, it can be argued that Lil Wayne is one of the most influential rappers of his time. His style, demeanor, and look have been copied again and again by rappers, some very successful. Without a doubt, Lil Wayne is a top 25 rapper of all time, and I argue that he's top ten.