Perhaps taking a cue from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas who hammered Sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont by asking him what parts of the Trump tax reform package he dislikes, a group called Campus Reform sent a man in the street interviewer to the campus of George Washington University and asked random students about tax reform. The answers were illuminating.

The students hated the Trump tax plan

The students who were interviewed hated the Trump tax plan. After all, nothing good could come from the Orange Haired Overlord. They were confident that the plan would cut taxes for the rich at the expense of the middle and working class.

But they loved the tax plan when they thought Bernie Sanders proposed it

Then the interviewer, mischievous person that he was told the students that he was interviewing that Bernie Sanders had come up with his own plan. The interviewer described some of the details of the plan, including a child care tax credit and a cut in the tax on small business. The students loved that plan and expressed their wholehearted support for it.

Naturally, a fly was in the ointment. The plan the interviewer was describing was not Bernie’s at all. The details he offered came from the Trump tax plan. Sander has a far different tax plan, which involves raising taxes on the whole world.

The conclusion that should be drawn

The temptation would be to suggest that these young ninnies should confine themselves to partying and hooking up on Tinder and leave the running of the world to adults who have bothered to read the legislation. However, when the interviewer made the big reveal, the students were appropriately abashed.

Many admitted that the Trump name was a trigger word that made them automatically think anything associated with him suspect. One student suggested that if the president offered her ice cream, she would wonder what is in it.

The upshot is that the students who hated Trump and worshiped Bernie have nothing wrong with them that a little growing up and proper education (which they won’t get at the university) will not cure.

Young People tend to be a raging mass of hormones, ignorance, and idealism that makes them into socialists at 19. The baby boom generation was the same way. The student radicals of the sixties became the investment bankers and tech gurus of the eighties. Many a person who once supported George McGovern wound up being ardent Reagan voters. Getting a job, getting married, and starting a family will do that to a person.