One of the more grotesque aspects of atrocities like the Las Vegas massacre is the off-putting things the celebrities say about them. Usually, what is said is yet another call for gun control. However, lena dunham, actress, producer, and public embarrassment, is in the running for the prize for the most awful tweet in the wake of the mass shooting.

Lena Dunham is pretty sure what the shooting is about

Dunham took to Twitter and offered the following: “No way not to politicize this tragedy. It's about gender & race as well as access to guns. Considering it random is comforting & dangerous.” Later she added capitalism to what the shooting was about.” No evidence exists that suggests that Stephen Paddock concentrated his fire on women and minorities or could have from the distance he was at if he wanted to.

Let’s not forget that white guys are evil

Later, Dunham tweeted a Newsweek story that suggested that white men are responsible for the majority of mass murders. Dunham has previously celebrated what she views as the impending destruction of straight, white men in a video she released shortly before the 2016 presidential election. The video was roundly denounced as what was, in effect, a call for genocide.

What really motivated Stephan Paddock?

As yet, law enforcement has not uncovered what motivated Stephan Paddock to open fire on a country music festival.

The situation is almost unprecedented in the history of mass murders. Usually, a murderer on the scale of Stephan Paddock leaves behind evidence such as social media postings. Rumors, unconfirmed, exist about a note and a law enforcement officer made a cryptic remark about Paddock having been “radicalized.” Nothing substantial has been revealed to the public, however.

What motivates Lena Dunham?

Dunham’s motivation, however, is rather transparent. Having ended her HBO series “Girls.” Dunham is working on a number of projects, but the chief among them has been self-promotion, brought on by an obsessive need for attention. Dunham’s tragedy is that she has nothing useful to say. Her tweets are babbling nonsense, brought on by leftist agitprop and Dunham’s persistent PTSD caused by the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Dunham’s problem is that the media has given her more fame, on the basis of her horrible HBO show, than she rightly deserves. Lacking talent and of dubious intelligence, Dunham seems to be addicted to media attention. However, she lacks the ability to get it by saying or doing anything that people find interesting, except in the sense that a car wreck is fascinating.