Tana Mongeau, a 19-year-old, famous YouTuber residing in the Las Vegas area, amongst others, has quoted President Trump as having called the tragedy in Las Vegas "a miracle" during the brief response he gave to the Washington Post on October 3rd, following the worst mass shooting in American History. The Tweet mentioned above has since been taken down but not before she received backlash from other YouTuber's, including Philip Defranco.

500 hundred injured in Las Vegas shooting

As few as 59 individuals were killed and at least 500 others were injured in Las Vegas, Nevada late on Sunday, Oct.

1st when 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire during an outdoor country music festival. For no less than 5 minutes, possibly as long as 15 minutes, bullets rained down, and chaos ensued. As round after round was fired into the frenzied public below, smoke from the weapons filled the 64-year-old's 32nd-floor hotel suite. The smoke set off the fire alarm, allowing the SWAT team to pinpoint his location and close in on him. But not before he could kill himself, leaving everyone with questions.

At first glance, you would have no reason to believe that this wasn't just another item on President Trump's long list of offensive statements. But in this case, the individuals using this quote have taken it completely out of context; using a small part of a rambling paragraph to crucify Trump.

President Trump was praising the Las Vegas Police Department for their swift and heroic acts during the atrocity that occurred Sunday night. Trump has repeatedly stated that the Las Vegas mass shooting could have been much worse, if not for the brave members of the Las Vegas Police Department.

The Video Clip in Question

The less-than-one-minute long video from which the quote was taken has been grossly misrepresented by popular social media influencers, including Tana Mongeau.

Aside from gross misrepresentation, the quotes were clearly not fact-checked. While Mr. Trump didn't express himself well during his statement, his meaning was made clear within the context of the entire statement.

Trump wasn't the only member of his family that has received backlash from social media this week. His wife, Melania Trump, was also met with widespread criticism after tweeting 'My heart and prayers goes out to victims, families & loved ones! #PrayForLasVegas'. Robert Sobel talks more about the Melania Trump tweet. Robert also shares his spin on Donald Trumps' comment to the Washington Post.