It is being reported that Jemele Hill, a sportscaster for ESPN, has been suspended for two weeks for her tweets regarding the NFL protests. This isn’t the first time ESPN has tried to silence Jemele. Previously, ESPN was going to take Hill off the air for calling Trump a white supremacist. Several other anchors came to her defense and protected her from that happening. Now, ESPN alleges that they suspended her for speaking out against Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, who stated players would be benched for taking a knee during the national anthem.

Jemele is a victim of Trump’s battle with the NFL

Hill was not fired for speaking her mind on issues of importance. She’s been very vocal about her disdain for Trump and Trump’s antics. When she spoke out against Trump for condemning NFL players who took a knee, she was threatened with losing her job. Donald Trump’s Press Secretary was advocating for her to be fired. Nevertheless, she has been relentless and fearless in her opposition to Trump. She repeatedly speaks out about social justice issues. However, it seems that ESPN decided to suspend her, coincidentally after VP Pence stages a political stunt by walking out when NFL players took a knee during the National Anthem.

Here are the tweets that allegedly got her suspended.

ESPN’s reasons for suspending Hill are questionable

After reviewing Jemele’s tweets, the ones that are allegedly the reason for her suspension, it is evident that there isn’t anything offensive in those tweets.

She never called for a boycott of sponsors. She never said anything negative about ESPN. She didn't say anything negative about the NFL. She didn’t even say anything negative about Jerry Jones. I think it’s apparent what happened here. As I said earlier, ESPN wanted to remove Jemele for saying Trump is a white supremacist. Her co-host, Michael Smith refused to appear on the show if she was not there.

ESPN tried to get other black anchors to fill the show and none of them would do it. They were forced to allow Jemele to continue.

Now, ESPN suspends Hill for tweets that aren’t remotely offensive. Presumably, ESPN is attempting to capitulate to the demands made by Donald Trump, that Hill is fired. While they didn’t fire her, they did discipline her, which satisfies the appetite of Trump. They’ve wanted to take action against her, but could not figure out grounds to do so. Their reasoning now doesn’t add up. But their actions are quite disturbing and should alarm us all.

If people, who have big platforms, are silenced when they speak up, then what happens to those of us that don’t have those platforms?

Anyone who has a job can be victimized by Trump for opposing him or his behavior. If Trump, with a mere tweet, can scare corporations into submission, then none of us are free to criticize or challenge him. Jemele might be the latest casualty of his behavior, but none of us are free if journalists begin to be silenced. ESPN should be ashamed of themselves.