The giants' season has been a complete disaster. After losing to the Chargers, their season record has fallen to 0-5. The offense is weak due to injury while the defense struggles. No one expected this team to start the season so poorly. There are several reasons why the Giants are having such a rough start to the season. Some of these reasons are unavoidable but, there are avoidable problems as well.


Injuries are an unavoidable part of football. There are precautions to avoid injuries but, every player is at risk. The Giants had injury problems at the beginning of the season.

Key linemen were hurt in the preseason and skill players like Odell were sore with day-to-day injuries. Recently, injury has plagued the Giants. At the Chargers game, Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shephard, Dwayne Harris, and Odell Beckham Jr, were injured throughout the game. Odell suffered an ankle fracture and is officially out for the season. These injuries are extremely detrimental to the Giants' offense. They are a pass-dominant team, and now their four starting receivers are injured for multiple games. In addition, the Giants lack depth in these positions. The backups do not have the talent to replace their starters. Next week, they are playing against the Broncos, a team with a great pass defense.

The new offense is going to be tested early against a very capable defense.

Offensive line struggle

The offensive line is the weakest part of the Giants' offense. Poor quarterback protection and blocking affect all the players on the field. Chargers defensive linemen Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram were rushing Eli Manning's decisions the entire game.

He was afraid of getting sacked and had to throw the ball earlier than he intended. As a result, receivers can't finish their routes, and it leads to incompletions or interceptions. Running backs can't progress down the field because the offensive line gets pushed back. This is why the Giants have one of the worst run offenses in the league.

The Giants will not be a Super Bowl contending team until the offensive line improves.


Ben McAdoo showed promise when he was the offensive coordinator for the Giants. However, I think that he does not have the coaching ability to lead a team. His playcalling is average but, there are some instances where you don't know what he's thinking. He calls passing plays on third and short or at the goal line. Instead of correcting weaknesses in the offense, McAdoo tries to strengthen the other parts. Also, I believe McAdoo overvalues some of his players. This results in subpar players in key roles.

I don't think McAdoo is the right head coach for the Giants and adjustments need to happen. This season is over due to the problems I stated above. Looking forward, I hope the Giants try to fix these problems in the offseason.