The Lakers always have some kind of young talent, and they have done well to develop Julius Randle and draft Lonzo Ball. They also have this kid named Kyle Kuzma. Is he the guy that is going to come out of nowhere and be a superstar? Will we hear about him having a tug of war with Lonzo Ball? If so, this guy could be part of a two-headed monster that will help produce some of the best basketball in the history Los Angeles?

What if Kuzma is the man?

That means that Lonzo Ball will never have to shoot. He will be able to pass the ball and let Kuzma and Randle score.

That could be the perfect thing for the Lakers because it allows Ball to be the pure point guard that he clearly is. We have people saying that he has more court vision than anyone they have ever seen, and that would help make the Lakers more efficient. I am not saying Kuzma will be a Hall of Famer, but he could be.

Bryant and Fisher

If you are a fan of the Lakers, you probably remember Kobe and Derek Fisher reminiscing after their 2010 title win about basically fighting each other in one on one as rookies. They made each other better, and they grew up together. It would be very cool to see that Kuzma and Ball could make each other better. I almost want them to get into a fist fight because they are so competitive.

Being that competitive would make it so much better for the Lakers, and they would have an internal fire that could not be extinguished. The fire that this team needs comes from internal pride over the forum blue and gold. You cannot create that overnight, and you have to really fight for it.

How long will it take?

The Lakers need to spend some time developing these players and giving time to Luke Walton time to figure out how to coach this team.

It has been clear that Walton is as smart as his famous dad, and now he can prove it by coaching the team in the right way. He won two titles in LA, and he knows how to win a coach. He has all the right tools in his toolbox, and he will make it so much easier to win when he has time with all the right players. This might be the first time that the Lakers have had the right people in a long time, and that would put them on a path to be ready for a big surge in about 2019.

They can suck for now

It is perfectly fair for the Lakers to be terrible right now, and they need to get used to the fact that they are bad until they have corrected the problem completely. I think they will just be good all at once, and that is why it is important to let them develop in their own time.