The Los Angeles Rams were for real when they scored so many points in the first week of the season, but they are looking much more real even today. The team is improving every day, and they seem to have an offense that cannot really be stopped. Of course, they will have bad games like anyone else, but they have four good players who mirror an old 49ers roster that had Roger Craig, Joe Montana, John Taylor, and Jerry Rice. No, I did not compare those players to these players, but the Rams clearly have a big four ready to go. That is a miraculous thing for a team that was supposed to be extremely bad.

The Rams coaching staff

Sean McVay has hired the right staff, and he clearly has a great offense. The beauty of this is that the much older people to help him. I can see this coaching staff changing a lot over time because they will want to have more people closer to McVay's age the better he gets. One day, he will be the older coach who has soaked up all the information he needed like a sponge, and he will be with the Rams even still. It would take a lot for him to get fired at this point because he has shown that he knows how to work with Jared Goff. The Rams have been hanging all their hopes on this kid, and they seem to have paid off.

Goff is comfortable

We could try to break this down all day to figure out how comfortable Goff is in the offense, and that would be a nice technical exercise for Ron Jaworski to do on TV.

We only need to note that Goff looks comfortable. He seems like the sort of guy who has taken charge of the offense, and he can now play to his full potential because he does not have to worry about the offensive terminology or getting crushed by the defense.

Austin and Watkins

Tavon Austin and Sammy Watkins are both number ones who are actually not playing their natural positions.

Tavon Austin is supposed to be all over the field, but he is playing everywhere. Watkins has to play a lot in the slot, and that is not conducive to his success because he is a number one threat. However, he could easily become John Taylor as he catches passes in parts of the field that he usually does not go to. The Rams will count on him a lot for the success that they were hoping for, and they can scare defenses by sending Austin long.

The team also have Todd Gurley who makes life easy for everyone in the passing game.

The Los Angeles Rams are a very good team, and we need to start respecting them because they could win the NFC West even though that seemed impossible before.