The New York Giants are, as the British would say, "bloody awful." To keep up the British theme, it seems that the Giants cannot be arsed to play offense, and they certainly cannot be bothered in any way to play defense. This entire franchise is falling apart before our very eyes, and only one person is to blame for that. We could blame Ben Mcadoo, but he is only responsible for the bad choices on offense. He cannot solve all the problems the Team has. Instead, we must look to Jerry Reese for the reasons that this team is now falling apart. Reese could have done a lot of things, but he did nothing.

He could have done so much

Jerry Reese could have signed new offensive linemen, and he could have instructed Ben McAdoo to do more with the offensive line to help Eric Flowers. Literally, every person in sports media has been begging McAdoo to do something to help Flowers. There are plenty of coverages that you could use to guard Flowers from being destroyed by the other team. It is so hard for this guy to perform in the league, and you are going to have to something to help him. Either that or you have to cut him. However, the Giants seem unwilling to do that. So you have a guy on your team who is not good enough to even play in the NFL and you are not helping him. This is like fielding a marching band where none of the kids know what songs they are playing.

Now that you see how bad it is, you see why Jerry Reese is to blame.

He is in charge

Jerry Reese effectively runs the Giants on a daily basis, and he has won two Super Bowls. What is he doing out there if he is not willing to call Ben McAdoo in and say, "if you do not fix this I will fire you and find someone who will." This is such an easy thing to fix.

Make the coach accountable, call him to account if he messes up, and move on. The Giants could have solved their problems weeks ago, but they do not want to do that. They are willing to be stubborn and pretend like they are the Patriots. I was so pleased to see the Patriots lose to the Giants in the Super Bowl twice, but I am not pleased to see the Giants pretend they are somehow a better franchise than that.

The Patriots can draft 7th rounders and make them into Hall-of-Famers.

Eli Manning

Eli cannot do a thing on the field to fix this problem, but he is the best player on the team. He might be the best player in the history of the franchise, and he needs to go to the front office to tell them that he is not going to have this crap. The Giants need to be put on notice.