It should be obvious by now to every American that Donald Trump is incapable of expressing true empathy or, sympathy. Unlike his predecessors, Number 45 simply does not have the mental capacity to show himself presidential. According to Rep. Frederica Wilkerson, (D. Fl), earlier this month the POTUS was extremely insensitive to the widow of Army Sargent La David Johnson who died during active duty in Niger. Wilkerson says the commander in chief stated that Johnson, who was black, knew what he signed up for. The president continues to show that he is uncomfortable around People Of Color, and like the Tin man needs to get a heart.

Donald Trump is ill at ease around people of color

Number 45 continues to show that he is uncomfortable when he is around people of color. This was evident when he threw paper towels to Puerto Rican Americans after the hurricanes. It was as if he felt he had to do something but was not quite sure what that something was. Now, after weeks of silence, he finally called the families of the four U.S. soldiers who were ambushed in Niger. And he is being quoted as showing no compassion to the widow of the one black male fallen soldier.

Rep Wilkerson says she was riding in the car with Sergeant Johnson's wife as she was headed to the airport to meet her husband's casket. The president called and the call could be heard through the speaker." Wilkerson says Donald Trump's exact words were: "He knew what he signed up for but when it happens it hurts.

" The fact that Johnson was the only black soldier only adds fuel to the fire for those who believe the president's actions express veiled racism.

Number 45 needs to get a heart

Donald Trump seems to be cold and devoid of feeling. He comes across like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz who was in search of a heart. The fact that his ire is constantly directed at people of color such as the NFL players, along with the way he dealt with the Charlottesville situation caused more people to consider him a possible racist

The leader of the free world should be able to express genuine compassion towards any U.S.

citizen who needs it. Number 45 keeps putting his foot in his mouth by tweeting and speaking without first considering the effects of his words. This comment regarding Sargeant Johnson could have simply been a slip of the tongue. It also may have been that the POTUS was a little nervous. Because of the brash things he has said and tweeted since November however, most people believe Donald Trump simply is deliberately cruel and does not care.