Summer Zervos is standing her ground while claiming that Donald Trump groped her and made lewd comments when she was a contestant on "The Apprentice." During the 2016 presidential campaign, numerous women made allegations of sexual misconduct against then-candidate Trump, but he was voted into office anyway. Now that he has shown himself unpresidential, and Bill Cosby, Bill O'Reilly, and now Harvey Weinstein have all been accused of sexual assault, perhaps the women accusing the president may be taken more seriously. It's possible that Number 45's worn out phrase of "Fake News," may not get him off the hook this time.

Fake news may no longer work

Up to this point, Donald Trump has walked through every allegation against him by saying that CNN and any other news media who reported anything unflattering were giving Americans fake news. The Russia collusion has been called fake so many times, that even if credible evidence comes forth, there are some Americans who will not believe it. Number 45 has trained his base, and it is as if they are brainwashed.

The climate in the nation, however, regarding sexual assault is changing. People are outraged because of the Harvey Weinstein situation. What was ignored during the 2016 campaign may not be tolerated now. Real flesh and blood women coming forth with details of times, dates, and venues where Donald Trump allegedly accosted them may be taken very seriously.

The president's continual lies in office, including saying Barack Obama had his office wiretapped, may cause him to have no credibility against his accusers.

Harvey Weinstein has changed the landscape

Because a number of the women who have accused Harvey Weinstein are famous actresses, the landscape has changed. People are taking notice because these women are rich and famous and obviously not out for money.

If Summer Zervos is taken seriously regarding her allegations against Donald Trump, then more victims may come forward.

Should these women be able to have their day in court, Donald Trump could become as disdained as Harvey Weinstein. Impeachment proceedings may begin, and unlike Bill Clinton who remained in office after being impeached, number 45 may not be allowed to finish out his term.There will come a day, and it may be soon when "fake news" will no longer work. The POTUS will have to face the music and answer for his actions, whether it is in regard to Russia, sexually abusing women or both.