It should go without saying but massive raid spoilers ahead! If you are a fan of "Destiny" there is no better feeling than figuring out the raid mechanics by yourself. However, if you want to learn the mechanics quickly and guide your team members to victory then this guide will help you accomplish just that. the baths are the first encounter in the raid and will seem reminiscent of the "Totems from Kings Fall." There are four baths with plates on them, along with a plate in the center of the arena. In the middle are a bunch of canisters with a purple liquid inside of them, you will need to shoot and destroy all of these canisters down in order to beat the encounter.

Warlocks with healing and empowering rifts for the middle damage phase are highly recommended, specifically arc soul Stormcaller warlocks. Otherwise, those subclasses with roaming supers will do just fine as well. A good split between shotgun and sniper rifle users is also a good thing to have.

Starting the encounter

Have four people stand on the outer plates and one in the middle all at the same time, you will be granted a Psionic Protection buff which has 50 stacks and drops at a rate of 1 per second. This buff protects you from the bath's harmful effects, without this buff, standing on the baths will slowly dwindle down your health, the buff only protects you from the bath's damage but not from any other enemy types.

While standing on the outer plates, the chain will start to get pulled down and in order to make the purple canisters vulnerable to damage, all four chains on the plates must be pulled down all the way by standing on your plates for a couple of minutes. Your Psionic protection buff will slowly run out at this point and you will need to refresh it again by picking up the orb in the middle plate of the arena, but leaving your plate unattended will make the chain go up again.

This is where your teammates come into play, you will have to tag in and out the plates in order to keep the chain moving. While this is going on, high health elite Cabal will spawn and will try to kill you, take them out immediately with a shotgun or a heavy hitting weapon, leaving them alive for too long will cause trouble both for you and your entire fireteam.

Damage phase

After the chains are locked, a locking animation will play on the chain and you will get a sound cue signaling you that it is safe to leave the outer plate and it's time to regroup at the center plate of the arena. The center plate will be your buff plate with Force of Will, standing in it will allow you to damage the purple canisters. Place down your Titan walls, your Warlock rifts, and do as much damage as possible. Try to focus fire as a team and call out your shots. While you could all DPS the canisters, it is recommended that you have a rotation of DPS and enemy control, because during this phase, several Cabal including elite type enemies will try to attack you and their damage is not easily ignored.

After the buff is gone, a Psion will spawn and you will have to take him out immediately. After making sure the middle room is clear of enemies, repeat the process of bringing down the chains to start another damage phase. The encounter is over once you have destroyed all of the canisters.