Jameis Winston once won the Heisman Trophy, and he was embroiled in a sexual assault scandal that rocked the FSU football program and the city of Tallahassee. He was one of the most toxic personalities in sports because people did not want to believe that he was a good guy, that he should have been allowed to play, and that he should have succeeded. He moved past all that to enter the NFL as a high draft pick for the Tampa Bay Bucs, and he is doing exactly what we all would have advised our sons to do in the same situation. He is staying out of trouble.

He is quiet

We have found that Jameis Winston is a very quiet person who is only a leader on the field. We should not expect him to be a social justice warrior or speak out about anything in particular because he does not appear to be that sort of person. This personality trait works out in his favor because he is able to shy away from the limelight while others on his team get all the attention. If he is leaving the house to party, we are not hearing about. If he likes to have a good time, it never ends up on social media. Jameis is staying at home where he should be so that he cannot get into trouble once again. He knows that he can make millions playing for the Bucs even if he never wins a playoff game, and he is keeping himself clean.

The Bucs have room to grow

The Bucs must be so happy that Winston never gets into trouble because they can spend all their time working on their roster. They do not have to answer questions about the latest scandal that involves Winston, and they can trust that he will be worth building around for the next decade or more. Given how long Tom Brady wants to play, the Bucs could get 20 years of service out of Winston, and they will perform well with him because he does not cause them any trouble.

Dirk must love him

Dirk Koetter is the head coach in Tampa, and he must love working with someone as gifted and pliable as Winston. It appears that Winston learned his lesson in college because he has improved every year since he got into the league. His level of improvement shows that he is willing to be coached, and Dirk could keep his job for years to come because he has a quarterback that will help the team get better as a whole.

This man could be the MVP of the league, and he could earn that award more than once before he retires. His career peak will overlap with the end of Matt Ryan's career in Atlanta, and that could give him control of this division for years to come.