Today I want to write about Ben Affleck. Ben is a good actor. If anything he has been present before the camera a lot. But after his twist off on "Real Time with Bill Maher" a while back, I began wondering about his stability, much as I have with a great many so-called celebrities.

Of course, one could attribute Ben’s apparent lack of self-control on the Maher show with the steroids he must have had to take for the shooting of the "Batman v. Superman" movie. He got pretty buff on the quick. My only concern with that would be, if he was not stable, but he was sane, then he should have been together enough to know not to put himself out there on live television.

Especially not in front of Bill Maher.

Harvey was Ben’s benefactor. Why lie?

But now, let’s get to the steamy stuff. I mean steamy disgusting stuff. The Harvey Weinstein and Ben Affleck connection. Right out of the gate, I’ll mention that Ben Affleck and Harvey have a very long history together. Harvey and Ben go back at least as far as "Good Will Hunting," a movie Ben did with Matt Damon that was produced by Harvey Weinstein. The film propelled Ben Affleck into true stardom.

For those who have been in the wilderness lately where the media does not exist, Harvey Weinstein has been outed by multiple victims and other sources for being a dirty old man and making multiple crass, unwanted, and repeated advances on women throughout Hollywood.

He was caught on tape, one of those times, in all of his disgusting glory.

Rose Mcgowan, said that after Weinstein behaved inappropriately with her, she had told Ben Affleck about the incident. Now that multiple accusations have been leveled against Weinstein for sexual assault and/or unwanted advances. Rose wants to know why Ben now lies and acts as if he never knew.

In her tweet Rose McGowan said, “GODDAMNIT I TOLD HIM TO STOP DOING THAT! You said that to my face.” and ultimately, she told him, “You lie.”

Poor, saddened, sincere, groping, sexist Ben

Ben said in a statement that he made on Facebook on Tuesday, that he was “saddened and angered” that Weinstein used his “position of power to intimidate, harass and manipulate women.” As if this was the first time Affleck had ever heard of this.

In the statement Affleck also said that “we need to do better at protecting our friends, sisters co-workers and daughters.” Yes Ben, you do.

Ben Affleck, who has starred in a slew of great movies, may have continued to appear like a great, sincere guy to this writer were it not for Rose McGowan’s statement and at least two other incidents that I’ve yet to mention, until now. Ben himself appears to be a study of Weinstein’s “work” in more ways than one.

Not only did Ben Affleck act surprised and disgusted that Weinstein did these things to so many women, he has actually joined Weinstein in some of his behavior over the years.

Years ago Ben groped Hillary Burton, grabbing her breast on an episode of "Total Request Live" (TRL). Hillary recalled the incident on Twitter in response to a fan who mentioned that she remembered it.

And finally, in what could ultimately be a very long line of incidents, Affleck was filmed seating a female television host on his lap and making the crass and sexist statement in the video below: “They would like the show better if you did it topless,” which appears to have been taken right out of the sexual harassment handbook. So do not let Ben’s acting fool you, he is sexist and is guilty of groping in much the same way as Harvey Weinstein is, though maybe not on the level that Harvey is.