The Tcu Horned Frogs have beaten West Virginia, and they are now in the driver's seat of the Big 12. This team has been poised for many years to become conference champions, and they might steal a seat in the College Football Playoff from other teams that are much bigger and more prestigious. Can TCU actually win this conference, or will we see a correction before the end of the season?

They ruined Oklahoma State

I correctly predicted that Oklahoma State would have their season ruined, and TCU was the team that ruined it. TCU has been able to survive West Virginia, and they allowed Oklahoma to lose on their own time.

This also means that the TCU Horned Frogs do not have to do as much work as they would have had to do otherwise. All they have to do is win out and win their conference title game. They could go to the college football playoff if they look really good going into the end of the season. They have been on the edge of greatness many times, and now they might finally be there.

That defense

That defense at TCU has been one of the hallmarks of this team for some time, but now they are balancing defense with offense. They have had some amazing skill players in the past, but this might be the most solid version of the team you have ever seen. We will see consistency from TCU that will help them win games late, and they will continue to play that way even when they get to the Big 12 title game.

The title game will be the biggest test they have ever been through, and it may be used to weigh their excellence against a team like Penn State.

Who would you choose?

Penn State is the more obvious choice at this point because of Saquon Barkley, but TCU might have the edge if they continue to play convincing football. They have less hard games left to play, and Penn State still has to play Ohio State.

We could have the choice made for us if Penn State loses, and we would see a relatively small school go to the playoff with help from calamity all around them.

Could TCU win a playoff game?

I have no idea if TCU can win a playoff game because they have not played a game like that just yet. They might convince me if they win the Big 12 title game convincingly, but they would have to be extremely good in that game to make me think that they can do something in the postseason. I am not expecting TCU to win a national title, but I am expecting them to do more than simply get blown out. We will learn a lot about them before the season ends and catapults them to greatness.