Gavin Newsom is one of my earlier Twitter followers. I have been there since the start. Now that my focus is removing trump and set October as the president's final month, I am looking around. Specifically, I am looking for opponents for Mike Pence unless he is also removed. In which case I am looking for someone who can win against anyone the GOP nominates in 2020.

Gavin is set to run for governor. He is now California's lieutenant governor. Nothing says he must vacate Sacramento for DC. Nominees emerge for many reasons. I do not think we want an all septuagenarian ticket on the Democratic side.

Camala Harris is a Senator from California and some feel she would be a good pick. But Gavin has something no other Democrat I have discovered has.

Three tweets

I am not talking about a sense of humor or even a toughness. I am not sure what name I could give to this something. So I will give it no name. I will instead give you three tweets, his most recent, and let you figure out what he is doing. Here they are in the order in which they appeared to his substantial following. I should also mention that Gavin clearly gets under the skin of Trump's Twitter base. Check out comments. Then again, don't. Twitter seems to have filtered the negative ones from my embed.

What do you call this?

I guess it is a confident sort of tweet.

The subject of the following tweet has been Trumplike in his persistent effort to demonize Barack Obama. Gavin retweeted this with a hashtag which is funny, to say the least. Who needs celebrity after Trump?

Here is the original incitement.

We have already observed that Trump's idea of adding jobs is to savage national lands with strip mining and create coal mining jobs. We can then export the product to third world countries and blame them for befouling the atmosphere with detritus from what used t be public park land.

Trump came to Washington to enhance his wealth which proceeds under our noses with global licensing deals that his two oldest sons hawk. No stone is left unturned. No coal bed is unstripped. No sanity returns till Trump is gone.

The best for last

The Gavin goad refers to the tweet below.

Gavin may be precisely right for 2020

Gavin is dead right to seize on the NRA and its incitements. Trump has been a seductive tub of bathwater and all the crazies and haters have jumped in and splash around until an adult voice rises and says."Done". But it isn't that easy because there is no final truth in reality and we are in the middle of an apocalyptic debate about limits.

Our whiny president is the limit.