The Buffalo Bills have climbed to the top of their division along a lethargic New England Patriots team. The Bills probably cannot win their division this season, but they have certainly shown that they are better than we could have imagined. The Bills are playing well enough to stop teams from outscoring them, and they have created an offense that is capable of breaking through and scoring when needed. You might not have known that the Bills were playing so well, but the beginning of their resurgence was a win against the Atlanta Falcons.

Beating the Falcons has meaning

The Falcons are better than the Bills, but the Bills beat the Falcons by playing well at the end of the game. The Bills have figured out something that the Falcons have not. The Bills know how to close games. They can easily beat the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend because they know how to hold out on defense at the end of the game. I personally do not believe that the Bills will have to worry about the Bengals scoring too much, but they can stop them if they have to.

Tying the Patriots helps

I do not think that the Bills are sitting up in Buffalo thinking that they are the New York Jets of a few years ago who went to the AFC title game a couple of years in a row.

However, they can easily say that they have made changes to their team that make a difference. They have taught Tyrod Taylor how to be more than a game manager, and they have a defense that is capable of stopping better teams. They should be happy with their performance, but the Bills need to see if they can grow as they are currently constructed.

They might have had the right people on their team all along.

The Bills have LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy should be with the Philadelphia Eagles, but a wholesale change of that franchise under former head coach Chip Kelly saw McCoy go to the Bills. McCoy is a stabilizing force for the Bills, and he probably gives a lot of leadership to the offense that is needed.

He is probably teaching Tyrod Taylor how to be a leader, and he can carry the ball or catch the ball when required. You might have forgotten that McCoy is even in Buffalo, but he is turning out to be one of the best signings they have ever made. While they waited for Tyrod Taylor to improve, they allowed McCoy to do the work that was required to carry the offense. Even if McCoy, 29, starts to deteriorate due to old age, he can give this team a bit of swag that they need.

The Buffalo Bills are scarier than you think, and they will likely crush a bad Bengals team this weekend.