The debate between “Stardew Valley” and “Harvest Moon” has been around for a long time. Fans have been trying to figure out who Offers the best farming experience. However, “Stardew Valley” seems to have proven a lot, making it considered as one of the best farming games today. There are a lot of features on “Stardew Valley” that “Harvest Moon” seems to have missed.

Different farm choices

Harvest Moon” is known to only have one design on its farm. Due to this, players are not given a chance to design their own farm. In “Stardew Valley,” players can choose up to five different farms that offer different benefits.

“Harvest Moon” also offers a small amount structures, which can only be placed in a certain spot on the farm. There are also no buildable fences in the game. Players can only use rocks and logs as a fence, making the farm look unrealistic. In “Stardew Valley,” players can place almost every structure anywhere they want. Players are also allowed to craft fences, as well as different farm equipment, such as sprinklers and even beehives.

More activities

Stardew Valley” is known for its amazing activities other than farming. One of the best activities in the game is the ability to battle different monsters inside mining caves. It also offers a larger fishing system, where players can craft a crab pot and place it on the beach.

It will catch different sea creatures on the next day, but players may also catch garbage. Aside from fishing, the game also offers foraging where players can find berries, which can be sold or eaten. “Stardew Valley” also features a lot of hidden secrets. Some of them will reward players different types of furniture, while some of them will reward players the Stardrop, which is basically a Power Berry in “Harvest Moon.”

Better overworld

Stardew Valley” features a better overworld than “Harvest Moon.” It is because of how “Harvest Moon” offers limited activities on its in-game world where players can just go to sleep early in the morning.

The game is also known to have a very boring gameplay during its winter season where players can only do mining for the whole month. In “Stardew Valley,” players can still farm during winter and any other seasons with the use of Greenhouse, which can easily get repaired early in the game. “Harvest Moon” also offers a Greenhouse, though it cost a lot of resources and money. It can also get destroyed by typhoons, which will be a huge loss for players.