Kyrie Irving went on First Take on ESPN, and he talked to the hosts about why he was ready to leave Cleveland. This is not an article about what Irving said. This is an article about why he said it in the first place. A guy like this probably does not need to explain himself, but he is clearly upset with LeBron, messing with us, or completely devoid of an understanding of social cues.

He dislikes being the number two

Kyrie Irving does not like playing the second fiddle to anyone. This writer believes that it could be anyone at all who is filling that role and Irving would be unhappy with it.

LeBron James is playing the first fiddle in Cleveland, and Kevin Durant and Steph Curry share that role in Golden State. Irving would be unhappy playing second to anyone like that, and he is simply more upset with LeBron because of all the things that LeBron got when he came to Cleveland.

The red carpet

The Cavaliers rolled out the red carpet for LeBron when he arrived, and he was able to get pretty much anything he wanted. The team gave him basically everything he asked for, and Irving got none of that when he was losing with the team before LeBron came back. Kyrie probably feels disrespected by LeBron and the organization because he thinks that the team should have given him more help. He likely feels like he would get stuck in the same situation, and LeBron ate up the attention that he got from the team.

That is part of the reason why he left the Heat because the team would not allow him to do anything he wanted. This writer is not saying that Irving is perfect, but this writer will argue that Irving was not given the same level of respect even though he was a number one pick.

Boston is better

Boston is a better situation, but Irving did not come out and compare the two teams.

He was happy to be cryptic and make it seem like he was just talking about the circumstances of his trade without saying anything specific. However, he was making it obvious that he was hiding the fact that he felt disrespected, that he did not like playing with LeBron, and he did not want to have anything to do with the Cavs.

This is a funny thing for him to do because he effectively told us all that he thinks we are too stupid to notice. The mystical and metaphysical language that Irving was using was an attempt to make us all think he is smarter than us. It did not work, and he goes to Boston looking like a jerk who thinks that he won the battle. This writer is not a fan of LeBron, but LeBron still has more rings.