Conor McGregor is considering fighting Nate Diaz, or his camp is very interested in fighting Nate Diaz. That would be a UFC Fight that would be a huge event if they were able to pull it off. He probably needs to capitalize on his fame and profile, and he needs to get together as many fights as possible. If he is able to beat Diaz, he can move onto someone else that he probably could beat because he will have a little bit more room to choose his own fights. He is never going to be given the ownership stake in UFC that people are talking about, but he could be the biggest name in the history of the sport with the best fights.

Diaz/McGregor is a big card

They can stack a bunch of guys on the same card that will be exciting enough to charge $74.99, and they could make a killing on the fight night. UFC could use that card to make a comeback in other areas where they lost some of their cache because they lost people such as Ronda Rousey due to a loss. McGregor was able to use his name to get a bigger fight and come back much more popular than when he left.

Can Diaz win?

Yes he absolutely can, and that makes the fight more interesting because Diaz will not mess around with McGregor. We are not going to get the kind of fight that you might see with someone like Jon Bones Jones, but you would get the next best thing. However, it would be interesting to see McGregor and Jones cross weight classes to make a fight like that happen.

We need to get as many good fights out of McGregor as we can before he gets too old or too uninterested in fighting MMA.

Will he box?

McGregor could become a boxer if he wanted to, but he will probably not be able to train for long enough to learn all that he needs to know to be a competitive boxer. The boxers that he faces simply have too much experience, and they would embarass him because they do not have a financial incentive to drag him along until the 10th round.

He may have fought well with Mayweather, but that does not mean that the other boxers who fight him will want the fight to last all that long. The majority of boxers want to end their fights as fast as they can so they can stop getting punched in the face. Maybe McGregor kind of likes that?

He needs to make his money now

The money that Conor makes now will be the money that he can live on the rest of his life. He has gotten himself to the point where he can start to cash in on other things if he wants to promote, but he must make all his fighting money right now before it runs out.