Jared Goff is not your only fantasy selection going into week two, but he is decent choice. You must look around the NFL to find places where you might strike fantasy gold in week two, and you will earn more money in your fantasy leagues if you have to choose someone who is a bit off the beaten path. Imagine how much easier it will be for you to make these selections now that you have seen everyone play.

The Rams

You should not expect the Rams to have a 46 point performance every week, but you should expect them to look pretty good. You can take Jared Goff, Tavon Austin, and Todd Gurley as you hope for the best.

There are many people who would want to avoid the Rams, but they are clearly on the right track. If you get stuck with these guys, you will not be doomed to fail. They can clearly do something with all that talent, and Sean McVay might help you make some real money with this offense.


The Jaguars have lost a wide receiver to injury, but they still looked fantastic today. They may have turned a corner with Blake Bortles, and they could be in very good position to make a push to perform like a consistent offense. Blake Bortles finally looked like the first round pick that the Jaguars were hoping for, and he has Leonard Fournette behind him. Leonard Fournette could be your fantasy sleeper every week because he is almost sure to run for 100 yards, and you may want to consider piling up Jaguars players if you have few other choices.

The Chiefs

The Chiefs are definitely looking good if you are making weekly fantasy picks, and you should try to get Kareem Hunt if at all possible. You could take Hunt and Fournette as your backs, and you could fill in Ezekiel Elliott in your flex spot so that you have as much firepower as possible. You know that these guys will get the yardage you need to score points, and you could walk away with more points than you could have ever imagined.

The Chiefs give you a good option in Alex Smith if he continues to play well, and his life is made easier because of Kareem Hunt.

The Patriots

The Patriots will be very good in week two because they do not have a choice. Bill Belichick will not allow the offense to fail once again, and you should expect The Patriots to give you the fantasy points that you need to win your league. You may not be able to get Tom Brady and all of his weapons, but you should try because they are a very good team that is on the prowl after a very bad loss to start the season.