Chuck Pagano is most definitely going to be Fired at the end of the season, but the Indianapolis Colts might want to fire him early because they are fed up with how bad the team looks. They have only themselves to blame, and each of the guys on this list could be fired before the end of the season because the teams want to signal to the league that they are ready to move on.

These teams will make it obvious that they want to hire someone before the end of the season, and that would make them candidates for the people who will be assisting on playoff teams.

Who is going to get fired so that their team can recover from a terrible season?

Marvin Lewis

Marvin Lewis is going. To get fired just because the team has not achieved any of the success that they wanted. They have put all the pieces in place to get what they wanted, and the team simply cannot make any playoff runs. Marvin Lewis will get fired because he is not winning playoff games. He has never won a playoff game, and that is what will push the team over the edge. Andy Dalton and the reckless play of Vontaze Burfict are not the deciding factors there. The lack of playoff success is what will get Marvin Lewis fired. He should have seen this coming, and now the end of his career in Cincinnati is here.

Todd Bowles

The Jets might be in a place where they want to hire their new head coach as soon as possible so that they can get a new coach that will want to draft someone like Sam Darnold. There are a lot of people who might want to go work for the Jets because they have a quarterback coming in. The team would be in a very good position to succeed in a few years, and it would be an attractive job.

Firing Bowles would make it easier for the team to plan for the draft.

Who could get hired?

There are a lot of hot young assistants in the league who could be hired, and it is possible that Steve Sarkisian in Atlanta could be hired because he has a great offense in Atlanta. He did not create that offense, but he did make it look great this year.

He could easily go to the Colts to work with Andrew Luck, and that would be a very cool combination for the franchise overall.

There are a number of people who will want to work with Andrew Luck, but Sarkisian might be the best person to work with Luck who could easily make it easier to protect him. Luck needs a savior, and Sarkisian could be the savior. There is no reason for Sarkisian to go back to college when the colts are going to have an open job in the NFL in just a few weeks.