fashion brands are on the rise due to celebrity influence. People see their favorite celebrity wearing Supreme, Thrasher, or Palace, and want to replicate their style. A lot of people will blindly buy these brands without thinking about what the brand represents. Brands like Supreme, Thrasher, and Palace are all skateboarding brands. However, many people who wear these brands (including myself) do not skate. People who do skate take offense to seeing non-skateboarders wear their brand. Does that mean we shouldn't be allowed to wear these brands if we don't skate?

Let's look at the arguments from both sides.

The skateboarder's argument

There are people who believe that if you do not skateboard, then these brands are not for you. I can see why there are skateboarders who make this argument. The time and effort people put into their hobbies create attachments. When you see other people put no time and effort into something you enjoy, it is annoying. They simply buy whatever they want with no regard to what it means. It feels like you are losing individuality and meaning in what you enjoy. But, there are skateboarders who don't care what you wear. It's your money, and they can't tell you what to spend it on. They'll think it's weird that you have no knowledge in what you're wearing, but they won't bother you about it.

The outsider's argument

There are two types of non-skateboarders who wear skateboarding brands. The first type is one that is completely ignorant of the brands they wear. They focus on visual appeal, and what celebrities are wearing. If their favorite celebrity is wearing Thrasher, then they are going to go online and search for Thrasher.

These people are usually the ones that skateboarders do not like, wearing brands for the sake of wearing them, while some people wear them for a purpose. The second type of non-skateboarder who wears skateboarding brands do appreciate the brand. They know what the brand means to some people and respect it. They know that Thrasher is a magazine, and keep themselves updated on fashion culture and the brand.

Skateboarders don't see this as disrespect because they know you took the time and effort to learn about the culture. You didn't just buy your way into it.

My opinion

As someone who wears skateboarding brands but doesn't skateboard, I think it is important to appreciate the culture that the brand envelopes. I keep myself updated on news of all the brands I wear. I feel that if you are not part of a community, but wear their clothing, it comes off as ingenuine and fake. Also, I believe that you shouldn't blindly follow trends. Celebrities shouldn't be able to dictate what's fashionable and what's not fashionable. Fashion is subjective, so if you like something that isn't popular, don't be afraid to wear it.