Andrew Luck will miss the first week of the regular season, and his Indianapolis Colts is simply not good enough to win the division this season. They are in a bad division that will be won by the Houston Texans, and they cannot be trusted to put the pieces around Andrew Luck that will help him perform. They have traded for Jacoby Brissett, and they have shown that they are not willing to do the rebuild that is required. If Jerry Jones can get it done, why are the colts incapable of making this work?

They hired poorly

The Colts have hired poorly in their personnel department, and they have shown a level of ineptitude that is so high it is hard to believe they got the Luck draft pick right.

They have not put in a line that will protect him, and they have gotten him hurt too many times over the course of the past few years. Luck is scrambling too much to look like the superstar that he is, and the trend will continue until the Colts have done better work in their personnel department. They must scout nothing but linemen, and they must draft nothing but linemen until they have filled out their roster properly.

Chuck Pagano

I feel badly for Chuck Pagano considering his cancer diagnosis a few years back, the fact that he has not had a healthy Andrew Luck for every second of his tenure, and the fact that his assistant won coach of the year. Bruce Arians ended up a hero who got his own job in Arizona, and Pagano got stuck with a worse franchise.

Pagano has had flashes of brilliance, but he is likely going to lose his job if the Colts are not any good this season. I am not entirely sure if he should lose his job, but I believe that he should be put on the hot seat for not doing something to help keep Luck safe.

They traded for Brissett

They told us that they were not ready for this season by trading for Jacoby Brissett.

This guy will be a nice piece to have around, but he cannot solve any of their problems. They are looking for anything that will keep them on the field long enough to let Luck heal, but they could be so demoralized by the time Luck comes back that he cannot fix this team. They did not find a decent backup in the first place, and that has set them back even further in practice.

They should be better

They do not pass the eyeball test because they are just not very good. A team that has had all this time to work with Andrew Luck should be much better, and they should have started drafting linemen in the same way that Jerry Jones did in Dallas years ago.