Ed Orgeron has shown that he is prepared to coach in the SEC. His LSU Tigers got lit up by the Bulldogs of Mississippi State, and he is making changes to his roster to ensure The Tigers do not get beaten badly again. He will put his running back Derrius Guice into the game this Saturday. Orgeron has been very serious about how he manages his roster, but he saw what happened when his team was not playing at full strength. He is willing to make changes to the way that his team is managed, and his flexibility will benefit his team massively.

Why change now?

Orgeron needs to show his players that he wants to win games. The LSU program has been slipping for a couple of years, and this will help him earn the trust of players as they recover from that bad loss to Mississippi State. There are plenty of reasons to be conservative, but the SEC West is the most unforgiving division in all of the college football. It would be utterly stupid to sit back and hope that things got better. Orgeron knows what could happen to his team in conference play if they do not make a change right now, and he does not want to get thrown out the door for one bad season. He is not willing to take risks, and that is what makes him a very good coaching choice for this team.

How many changes can he make?

Is there a point at which we will see the LSU offense peak this season? Are they severely limited because they do not have a proper quarterback, or are they able to keep making changes until they find what they need? Everyone who is involved in the team and their planning needs to be flexible because this writer believes that Ed Orgeron will search for something that works regardless of how long it takes to find the solution.

He is a hard-headed and hard-nosed guy who will not rest until LSU is in contention for the SEC title. They still have plenty of football to play, and the Tigers can save themselves by making a change right now and not losing again.

No blueprints

Making a change right now ensures that the loss to Mississippi State cannot be used as a blueprint for success against this team.

The Tigers will make it impossible for other teams in the conference to copy what the Bulldogs did, and they might start winning more if they become unpredictable. Perhaps Orgeron will make it a habit to change things up to keep the conference guessing, and that might be the best strategy that he could use. Scouting the team would become impossible, and LSU could give Matt Canada more chances to put the offense in the end zone.