The Kansas City Chiefs were able to beat the New England Patriots with a combination of great defense and a new star in running back Kareem Hunt. The simplicity of their win comes in their dominance of the ball. Using a running back to control the clock, a defense that prevented the Patriots from advancing late in the game, and a mistake-free quarterback made the Chiefs brilliant on Thursday night. In the process, they have created fantasy value that we missed before the season started.

Smith to Hunt

Smith to Hunt is a fantasy player's dream because Hunt can collect points throughout a game without forcing Alex Smith into bad situations.

Smith will have much more time to throw the ball because Hunt must be respected, and that will facilitate a much better passing offense in Kansas City. The Chiefs have made an astute choice in selecting Kareem Hunt, and his play may have awakened a sleeping giant of an offense that will break plays every game because they have defenses on their heels.

The defense is better than expected

The Chiefs had a good defense, but they looked amazing in the second half as they completely shut down the Patriots. The Patriots likely played a part in their own demise, but the Chiefs were stopping them in all situations. The Patriots do not normally fail in short yardage situations, but they looked terrible facing a Chiefs defense that is not willing to bend or break.

The Patriots will likely come back to play well, but the Chiefs have shown that no other team can expect to succeed in the same situation. How many teams will elect to kick a field goal when they realize they have no chance of earning one more first down?

Andy Reid found his rhythm

Andy Reid found his rhythm from the Chiefs sideline as he was helping the team call plays, choose defenses, and make game management decisions.

Reid could have needed more time to work out the kinks in the offense, but that is no longer a concern. He found the sweet spot for this offense, and he did so much more quickly than anyone could have imagined. Andy Reid leads the pack for coach of the year honors purely because he has created a Chiefs team that was instantly competitive after an offseason of uncertainty.

Ride Smith and Hunt in fantasy

Someone who plays weekly fantasy would be wise to ride Smith and Hunt every week as they seem to have found a synergy that is undeniable. These two men feed off one another's energy, and it makes Kansas City great.