Reactions to NFL wins and losses are among the most exciting things to write in the industry. The New England Patriots were talked up so much that some thought they could go undefeated. They have all the weapons they need even though they had lost Julian Edelman, but they looked terrible against the Kansas City Chiefs. This is a personal journey for the writer, the Patriots, and fans of the Chiefs.

The original reaction

A friend of this writer wrote on social media, "yay Chefs!" Calling the Chiefs "the Chefs" is a fun way for fans to talk about their team, and it suits the whimsical nature of this game.

The Patriots gave up so many yards and points that it seemed like a circus act, and it almost reminded you of the Keystone Cops. The Patriots will likely come back and play well in week two, but it is clear that the Patriots have a lot of work to do.

The Chiefs are better than we thought

This writer has underestimated the Chiefs and their ability to with the AFC West. They may well come back to reality while they battle the Raiders for the division title, or they may be amazing all year and go 13-3. It is clear that nearly everyone overlooked the Chiefs, and they have proven that they have a great defense, an offense that does not need Patrick Mahomes, and a new superstar in their running back Kareem Hunt.

Kareem Hunt is brilliant

No one has crowned Kareem Hunt as the new Walter Payton, but he clearly has a gift and talent for finding space. He was breaking plays left and right, and he has shown that he can protect anyone who starts as the Chiefs quarterback. His ability to make big plays will give the Chiefs extra points, and that could win Kansas City more than a few games that they would have lost in the past.

Kareem Hunt is a young back that this team must maximize as soon as possible, and the Chiefs are clearly not upset that they let go of Jamaal Charles.

Will they maintain this?

The Chiefs must work very hard to maintain this level of play because they are in the sights of every team in the NFL. If you blow out the best team in football in the first game of the season, you become the favored target for many teams in the league that wants to test their own might.

Teams that have the Chiefs on the schedule will be chomping at the bit to play this team, and they will give Kansas City a better game than they would have gotten before. The Patriots cannot go undefeated, but they are not dead. Will the Chiefs compete for their division? That story is yet to be written.