The media might love to present them as the best of friends, but Vladimir Putin had nothing positive to say about President Trump's handling of the North Korea situation. The current leader of the free world stated that "all options" were being considered after North Korea carried out a missile test over Hokkaido, a northern island of Japan. This was the first test the country has performed over the nation since 2009. It was so shocking that the government urged its citizens to evacuate to a sturdy building due to the risk of a collapse.

The United States provoked

Although the missile proved to be imperfect, it sent a clear message to the U.S. and South Korea. Both nations had troops stationed on the Korean Peninsula at the time, undergoing military exercises. This followed a declaration made earlier this month by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, in which he contemplated attacking the U.S.territory of Guam.

Like a moth to the flame, President Trump responded to the early provocation by declaring that if any such attack was to take place, the U.S. would retaliate in a way that the world has never seen.

At this point, North Korea seems to be trying desperately to provoke the loud-mouthed leader into an attack. They have launched 13 missile strikes since the beginning of the year, but none threatened the safety of American citizens.

Due to this indirect action, any move made by The United States could come across as over-reacting.

Pen is mightier than the sword

Vladimir Putin explained that he believes this attempt to put pressure on Pyongyang is not only misguided but doomed for failure. The Russian President wishes to take a different approach to the situation, suggesting that the only course of action which might lead to a resolution is by instigating a "direct dialogue" with all the parties involved.

He adds that insults, militarist actions, and provocation will only result in making the situation considerably worse. Although this might be the rational way to handle any disagreement, we are talking about two powerful countries which are currently run by two egomaniacs. It is hard to imagine a situation where Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un are in the same room and they somehow do not try to strangle each other to death. There is also the issue of China, which has opposed any increase in offensive or defensive measures taken by South Korea or Japan after the recent missile was detected.