The Charlie Hebdo cartoon that depicts Texans drowning in the flood waters brought by Harvey as being neo-Nazis is outrageous and disappointing on so many levels. The graphic not only demonstrates a colossal ignorance of the Lone Star State, its political culture, and its ethnic makeup, the cartoon is also an act of ingratitude, considering how the United States, including a lot of children of Texas, went to the aid of France (D Day comes to mind) and even Charlie Hebdo in particular in the wake of the Islamist terrorist attack.

To be sure the magazine is famous for offending everyone, but for something to be satirical, it has to have an iota of truth to it.

A brief look at Texas for French magazine artists

The political culture of Texas tends to be more individualist than authoritarian. The Lone Star State is very business friendly and the people are self-reliant. Texans tend not to like governments telling them what to do. The joke among people in Houston is that they want a government strong enough to save them from a flood but not so strong as to impose on them what pronouns to use. Authoritarian types such as Nazis and Antifa are considered nuisances at best, jokes at worst.

One aspect of this culture is the fact that Texas has a concealed carry permit law.

People who undergo a course in fire arms use, safety, and ethics and pass a background check are allowed to carry deadly firearms. For that reason, were Islamist terrorists to invade the offices of a Texas magazine they stand a good chance of running into a hail of bullets as the editors and columnists return fire. France would benefit from allowing its citizens to arm themselves.

Texas, especially the Houston area, tends to be very multi ethnic and multicultural. The stereotype of a typical Texan as a big-bellied, loud-talking red neck in cowboy boots and a ten-gallon hat was always more television than reality. Texas has always had a large Hispanic population dating from when the state was part of Mexico.

Even in the 19th Century, Texas received immigrants from all over Europe, especially German and Czech. Houston (which tends to be a pretty liberal city) has communities from all over the planet, Greek, Arab, Vietnamese, even Bosnian. African Americans are an important and influential group in the Lone Star State. People of the various ethnic backgrounds live pretty much peacefully with one another, at least compared to some parts of Europe

Lafayette would weep

In times past, French people had an appreciation for the United States, even including Texas. Many still do. At least two Texas style barbecue places grace Paris and are reported to be quite popular. However, an ignorant cartoon depicting Texans as Nazis, considering the history of France in the 20th Century, is not only wide of the mark but smacks of a snotty attitude that is infuriating.