A recent Trend in the makeup world seems to be “squiggly” shaped eyebrows. The eyebrow trend resembles the shape of a crinkle-cut french fry or an animated worm. Many beauty gurus have taken a stab at imitating the new trend and posted some of their best looks to social media. With this new trend taking the internet by storm, many are wondering if it is temporary or permanent.

The new rage in the beauty world

Over the years, trends in eyebrow shapes have gone from being invisibly thin, to bold and airbrushed. With the large influence of social media, each trend gives most beauty lovers inspiration to recreate.

The squiggly eyebrow trend is rather different compared to most. The eyebrow shape isn’t necessarily considered to be “conventional” or easy to imitate. Most would consider the shape to be intended for costumes as opposed to an everyday wear.

A creative spin on an odd trend

While many beauty influencers are full on embracing this trend, others are simply having fun with it. Some influencers have managed to become quite creative with the trend, putting their own unique spin to it. After creating the squiggly brow, some beauty influencers have added a further step and added bold colors and glitter. Those colorful, glittery, squiggly eyebrows can be achieved by coloring the brow with eye shadow and adding loose glitter pigment on top.

Others have found a way to normalize the bold trend, and only adding a squiggly shape to the end of the eyebrow.

The new trend receives mixed signals

Though this new trend certainly became a hot topic, it has received mixed signals from social media users. Many people are opposed to the eyebrow shape because it’s far from the usual while others simply see it as a fun trend to try.

Eyebrows are meant to shape the face and add dimension, whereas this squiggly eyebrow shape creates no such structure. The trend is certainly not meant for people that are not willing to step out of their comfort zone.

Beauty trends will continue

Trends in the Beauty World always come and goes. The last trend before squiggly eyebrows were “feathered” brows.

Feathered brows are popular among models and are seen at elite fashion shows. Many people said that they preferred the bushy eyebrow shape because of its natural appearance. The squiggly eyebrow shape is far from the usual and definitely makes a person stand out from the crowd. It is unclear if the trend will be seen in the beauty industry in months to come, or if it’ll completely vanish from social media. Overall, trends are what keeps the beauty industry relevant.