Donald Trump called the tax plan he was selling a “once-in-a-generation opportunity,” as if he was selling your teenage son or daughter a nice used car… with sawdust in the crankcase! It’s not that I can’t believe it. Well, I don’t. But it’s not because it is or isn’t true. It’s because it is coming from someone that I view as a used car salesman.

He said he was going to cut taxes and make the tax code simpler. It's like he is selling a used car, held together with duct tape, to some dumb teenager that needs things made simple. He doesn’t speak about tax cuts for the rich.

They are in there. But if you corner him on it, he’ll say something patently false like, “It’s not good for me. Believe me.” And of course, we know that when a person has to tell you to believe them, they’re probably trying to sell you a bill of goods.

A sucker born every minute

If only his words were true! They sound so wonderful, so comforting. That is why the phrase, “Too good to be true,” comes to mind. The phrase, “Nothing in this life is free,” also comes to mind. When I think of it from a Donald Trump perspective, “There is a sucker born every minute” are the only words that keep popping into my head. Donald is a used car salesman first and foremost.

There may be a sucker born every minute, but if Donald Trump is any indication, those suckers are only being born in red states or more specifically, Trump states.

Because the rest of us are not falling for it. I am not sure I can give him that much credit, intellectually. I think that Donald simply believes that if he keeps throwing poo, eventually something is going to stick to the wall.

Tax the poor, give to the wealthy

I’m not a tax man. But even I can see that there is something wrong with cutting taxes for the rich and/or wealthy corporations who can best afford to pay them.

Never mind that Trump avoids explaining where this money is going to come from. It is just cheap sleight of hand. It’s the poor who will suffer the loss. Without this explanation, the plan is no more comprehensible than Bernie Sanders' ‘free college for everyone’ plan was for the wealthy, who would be paying for it. At least Bernie knew to take it from the wealthy could afford it." should have read," At least Bernie knew to take it from the wealthy who could afford it.

This new plan cuts taxes on the wealthy from 39.5 to 35%. It drops the number of tax brackets from seven to three but then leaves it open for a congressional committee to add another. So from my layman’s perspective that is not really a change for the better. It’s ambiguous or merely suggestive.The GOP evidently believes that if they make this plan seem simple while being complicated and contradictory, like the Bible, then people will just swallow it and ask for more. In fact, I think that may be exactly what is happening in the RED (neck) states, It is just not working for thinking human beings.

What should be infuriating to the middle class is that Donald Trump believes that they are all that simple-minded.

Maybe his middle-class supporters are simple-minded. Maybe, they are poor, under educated, xenophobic and scared. And Trump offered them a strong, overly confident impression, mirroring, I think, themselves. Ironically, that is less of a reflection on Donald Trump the man and more of a reflection on dropping intelligence levels, an educational system that has utterly failed a large portion of our nation, and some old-fashioned “hold my beer” stupidity. Anyhow, there is a deep-rooted problem in this country. It needs to be attended to, and soon.