California has had a lot of misunderstandings with the U.S. government lately, and they range from the construction of the wall with Mexico to sanctuary cities. This state is by far the most populated in America, and it's also home to many advanced industries and tech hubs. Silicon Valley is here, and it attracts a lot of foreign workers that create top technologies, wealth, and prosperity. Many companies in the state dislike the immigration policies proposed by Donald Trump because they depend on foreign workers. California has also had a strong demographic growth the last decades that has increased its population to about 40 million.

Could The Golden State secede in the long term?


According to a report by the BBC, the U.S. administration has already announced the construction of prototype walls for the border with Mexico. California's attorney general is trying to block the construction of a wall with their southern neighbor, and he even filed a lawsuit arguing that the government is violating environmental reviews and other laws. According to a report by Los Angeles Times, California has passed legislation to become a sanctuary state. This is in total disagreement with the goal of Donald Trump, who wants to eliminate the sanctuary cities because he argues that they protect illegal immigrants. A lot of skilled workers have come to the United States, and many have settled in California, but their dreams are in danger because of the proposed immigration laws by Donald Trump.

There are serious disagreements between the U.S. President and the Golden State.

Economic power

According to a report by US Government Spending, the economy of California is more than $2.7 trillion that makes it the largest in the United States. The economy of the Golden State is about 65 percent more than Texas' and about 76 percent more than New York's.

It's also bigger than the economies of nations like France, United Kingdom, and Italy according to information supplied by the World Bank. California has the economic resources to become an independent nation with one of the biggest Gross National Products on the planet.


California is the most populated state in America according to a report by US Government Spending, the population of the state is almost 40 million.

California is about 40 percent more populated than Texas, about 90 percent more populated than Florida and twice more populated than New York. It has an enormous demographic power that has strengthened with the massive immigration of the last decades. California is even more populated than Canada according to a report by Statistics Canada.


Talking about secession at this moment looks premature, but could the contradictions keep growing the next years? The most populated state in America has all the potential to be a self-sustaining country, and this poses a risk for the unity of the nation. This is the moment to create a new policy that deals with the challenges the right way and avoids potential problems.