There are a lot of people who love the divisional games in the NFL, and they get very excited because they like to see matchups like this one. There are a lot of reasons why this game will not be very good, and we have to look at why the Ravens are falling off at the same time that the Steelers are improving. Joe Flacco is banged up, and the defense is not what it used to be. The Steelers have a massively improved offense, and they have an improved defense. How can the Ravens even compete with a team that is this good?

The Ravens are just an ok team

Before you get upset that I have impugned the integrity of the Ravens, you should know that I think they are alright. They are much better than I thought they would be, and I think that they can at least have a mediocre season. However, they do not have a defense as good as the Steelers, and their offense is most assuredly not as good as the Steelers. You will have a hard time finding a good matchup for the Ravens, and that is why they will lose. They are lacking in depth that the Steelers have. The Steelers somehow found TJ Watt, but all the Ravens have done is sign Joe Flacco's game checks.

The Steelers offense

The Steelers offense is just as good as the Falcons or the Patriots.

They are as good as the Raiders, and they are as good as the Chiefs. However, we have been trained over many years to believe that the Steelers will never have an elite offense. We always believed that their defense would carry them, but this offense is the better unit on this team. The offense in Pittsburgh is so good that they could spread the Patriots in Foxboro in the AFC title game.

That is a real possibility, and it will give bettors pause when they consider who should be favored in a game like that.

Taking control of the division

The Steelers can take control of their division right here and now. They can basically end the race to win the division and take a playoff spot really early in the season. Do you think that the Browns or the Bengals can get even close?

Bio, of course they cannot. This is the most important game of the season for the Steelers because it gives them some room to breathe. They can stay out in front of their division, and they can focus on staying healthy and getting through the playoffs. The AFC North is by far the worst division in football if only because they are giving the division to their most hated rival early in the season. We should expect the Steelers to win more than this game this weekend.