Overwatch” has a unique cast of 25 playable characters, each with their own set of skills. Some heroes fall under different roles and have different parts to play during the match. That said, their special skills are what defines them and their play style. While all the skills are useful in the game, some stand out more than others as they can easily turn the tide of battle when used correctly. Here are our top five best “Overwatch” Abilities.

Genji: Deflect

Genji’s Deflect skill is extremely powerful as it can deflect any incoming projectiles back at the enemy.

It’s perfect if you’re anticipating your opponent’s move, or if you’re trying to buy time for your Swift Strike’s cooldown. However, Deflect can be used offensively as well since you can even divert ultimate enemy abilities back at them. Ultimate abilities like Graviton Surge, Deadeye, Rocket Barrage, Pulse Bomb, and even Dragonstrike.

D.Va: Defense Matrix

Unlike her fellow Tank heroes, D.Va lacks a conventional shield. Instead, she uses a Defense Matrix to block incoming projectiles. Her shield runs on a cooldown basis and doesn’t have any health. If used correctly, D.Va can absorb a good amount of incoming attacks, like Tactical Visor, Whole Hog, and Rocket Barrage. She can even absorb ultimate abilities before they take effect like Blizzard or Graviton Surge.

Lucio: Crossfade (Movement Speed Boost)

Aside from healing, Lucio can also switch songs to help move him and his team faster. He can use his Crossfade to help push his allies faster to the point, especially when he pairs it with Amp It Up. Speed boosting is also great when escaping from zoning abilities like Self-Destruct, Dragonstrike, and Blizzard.

Speed is a very powerful factor in “Overwatch, ” and Lucio’s Crossfade definitely puts his team in an advantage.

Ana: Sleep Dart

“Overwatch” hero Ana is the only character in the game that can sleep an enemy with her Sleep Dart. If she manages to land her attack, the bullet knocks out her opponent for five seconds, or if a teammate hits them.

With this ability, she can basically shut down other ultimate abilities like Dragonblade, Tactical Visor, Primal Rage, Rocket Barrage, and Deadeye.

Sombra: Hack

Sombra is an underutilized hero with a powerful kit that can silence enemies. Her Hack skill can prevent an enemy from using their abilities for a few seconds. This ability is especially useful against heroes like Reinhardt, Orisa, Pharah, and Doomfist as they rely on their skills to fight. Moreover, she can even hack health packs to make them exclusively for her team while speeding up its charge rate.