The Nintendo Switch has picked up a lot of popularity over the past few months since it launched in March. The hybrid console concept appealed to many fans who want to play on the go while being able to dock in the system so they can play on the TV. So far, the Nintendo Switch has a limited.number of games in its library, but Nintendo is slowly filling the gap with both first and third party titles.

Since the console will be getting both “DOOM” and “Wolfenstein,” there’s a good chance other third-party developers might bring over their games as well.

With this in mind, here are three games that should come to the Nintendo Switch.

‘Persona 5’

The latest entry in the “Persona” series, “Persona 5,” launched in April on the PS3 and PS4. The game follows a group of ragtag students who have been oppressed by society and the people around them. They gain the power to use Personas in a strange place called the metaverse wherein they aim to steal a corrupt person’s heart. Despite its strange concept, the fifth game in the series was praised by both fans and critics alike. Since Atlus has been porting over the mainline “Persona” series to handheld devices, hopefully, they’ll do the same for the fifth game.

‘Resident Evil 7’

Resident Evil 7” released early this year and surprised many fans with its deep horror themes.

Despite the previous two games focusing on action, Capcom took the seventh game back to its roots and opted for a much slower, scarier experience. Here, you play as a new character named Ethan who travels to a mysterious house in an effort to look for his dead wife. However, strange things begin happening as soon as he gets there, which eventually leads to him trying to find a way out of the horrific nightmare.

Since the Switch is getting “Revelations 1 and 2” later this year, maybe Capcom might port over “RE7” in the near future.


Ending off our list, we have Blizzard’s critically-acclaimed first-person shooter game. “Overwatch” is a team-based FPS that has some slight MOBA elements but ultimately plays out like a typical shooting game.

The game has 25 heroes to choose from with 16 different maps. The main objective of the game differs as there will be escort, control, assault, and hybrid missions that all depend on which map you’re playing in. The main thrill in “Overwatch” is that every game is never the same as your teammates and strategies will constantly change. The Nintendo Switch can run “Overwatch,” so it’s just a matter of when Blizzard actually decides to finally port it to the hybrid console.