Overwatch” is one of the most popular games right now, as Blizzard continues to support the game with new content. So far, we’ve gotten a handful of new maps and characters, but it doesn’t seem like Blizzard is stopping there. Aside from the upcoming Junkertown map, Blizzard has reworked Mercy while giving D.Va some useful buffs. Game director Jeff Kaplan has also recently teased the next Hero in the game in a recent interview with IGN.

Hero 26

While we still know very little about the upcoming hero, Kaplan has dropped a very vague hint of the playable character.

He claimed that they are “not coming out as soon as you think” but the hero is very playable. In spite of this, he didn’t drop any hints about their lore or play style, so fans will have to wait, for now. In line with Kaplan’s statement about the hero’s official reveal, it seems like they might not show them at BlizzCon after all.

Despite the lack of details, fans have been speculating the new hero to join the game. Some claim that it could be Hammond, the missing monkey from Horizon Lunar Colony. Others are stating that it might be the Junker Queen, the woman who controls Junkertown. There’s also a chance that it could be Athena, Winston’s A.I., and also the announcer of the game.

Whatever the case, many players have just been pleading Blizzard to add a new Support hero in “Overwatch.”

New update

That aside, Blizzard has a few things in store for players this week. First off, the highly-anticipated Junkertown map is coming to the live consoles, September 19. Unlike Horizon Lunar Colony, this will be an escort map based in the Australian Outback.

Defending players will have to stall the attackers from moving the payload to the Junker Queen’s base.

There’s also a big chance that Blizzard will be bringing in the new D.Va and Mercy changes. The Korean Tank hero’s Defense Matrix has been nerfed in exchange for more offensive abilities. She can now shoot while flying and has a new skill called Micro Missiles.

Mercy, on the other hand, has a new ultimate ability, called Valkyrie, that greatly amplifies all of her skills.

Her Resurrect is now on a 30-second cool down and is limited to one fallen hero instead of a big group. With these new changes, Mercy players don’t have to focus on hiding anymore. Instead, they’ll be forced to play more offensively by joining their allies during major team fights. Those who want to play “Overwatch” can grab a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.