I have chosen two breakout players for the new NFL season, and I believe that each of them is fascinating to think about. One of these players will be one that you know well, and another is someone that you are not all that familiar with yet if you do not follow the NFL closely. I could be totally wrong, and I will apologize at the end of the season when these picks fall apart. For now, I think these two guys are a very good pair to watch this season.

Jared Goff

I have heard and read things that say Sean McVay and Jared Goff are hitting it off perfectly.

I did not say that he was going to have a Kurt Warner season that takes the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl, but I did say that he would be improved. I believe that the quarterback will have a better year with Sean McVay just because he is a good and respected coordinator. I believe that the Rams will give him more help, and he will have some help in Todd Gurley. The team will not look great, but they will see an offense that makes sense for Goff. I could be totally wrong, but I think that the combination of young coach and young quarterback could be a winner for over a decade.

Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas is a Hall of Famer right now. He could walk off the field, and he would go into Canton in five years.

It is important for him to have some chance of winning or being successful, and I know that he will be given many more chances to win because the Browns have changed around their team. They will give him a chance to look his best simply because they could be going in the right direction. This does not make Joe a breakout player so much as the guy that we will start to notice more.

He should be noticed because he is a brilliant player who has quietly had a Hall of Fame career.

Honorable Mention

Julio Jones should have an amazing season because he is probably tired of hearing about how great Odell Beckham Jr is. I can see Matt Ryan throwing for 5,000 yards. I can see Carson Palmer throwing for 5,000 yards.

I believe that Khalil Mack will make the All-Pro team at two positions again, and I believe that Chad Henne will come in for Blake Bortles only to be amazing. All these guys will make a name for themselves this season, and I think that the league will become a hodgepodge of storylines that feature these guys. Maybe Matthew Stafford will take the Lions to the playoffs, and we could see Aaron Rodgers be the MVP. We must watch carefully to see how wrong I will be when the season ends in February after the Super Bowl.