I do not think that Andrew Luck will play in week one, and I do not even know if it matters. We have forgotten a few things about this man since he got into the league. He has been on the doorstep of going to the Super Bowl, and he has been favored to win a Heisman Trophy. He has also had Internal Organs injured because his Offensive Line stinks. Most of us would actually be dead right now if we were Andrew Luck. Perhaps we should be glad that we are not.

He needs time

He is so beat up that we cannot expect him to simply stroll back on the field when the time comes.

I would be a little bit concerned if he just jogged onto the field like John Rocker for the first game. That would seem odd considering how bad his injuries have been lately. I must remind you that he had internal organ damage due to poor offensive line play. You can get hit that much and actually have damage to your internal organs that gets reported in the media. It was that bad, everyone. He should wait to come back because he is so very young.

He is not yet 30

We have guys saying they could play until they are 50, and we should allow a man who is not yet 30 to get himself right before he starts playing again. The Colts are coming out and saying that the team is not sure if they will play him because they are afraid he could get killed by their putrid offensive line.

I personally would not walk behind them to get a beer from the fridge. Leaving a talent behind them that you are moaning millions of dollars is not responsible. Jim Irsay should have said they were waiting on Luck because he realizes Luck's value.

Luck needs a comeback season

What I mean by this is that he needs a saison to be good but not great.

He needs to be in a place where he can improve without being pummeled by the opposing defenses. Someone who has to stand behind his offensive line needs time to get it together, pass a little, and become comfortable once again. If you had an internal organ perforated playing football, you would be concerned for your safety.

I would have asked for a trade

I would have asked for a trade by now if I were Andrew Luck. I would have gone to the team and asked them to start over and get a mint for me. Maybe Luck has asked them for a trade, and maybe Luck has let the team know that he is not happy with the way they are building around him. I find it silly that they are willing to put him out there and be hopeful without really working on their offensive line. Chuck Pagano will get fired because of bad personnel decisions, and they are set back once again.