Baylor now faces more Title Ix suits due to their failed sexual assault protocols that were exposed under Art Briles. The school chose to cover up sexual assault allegations because they liked winning football games more than they liked the Christian values they claim the school was founded upon. The stadium is a gorgeous venue, but it is built upon lies that made us all believe Baylor was a relatively clean program. We found out that they are not, and now we are left to report on yet more lawsuits.

Briles cannot get a job

A CFL team wanted to hire Briles, and the public outcry was so severe that they had to rescind their offer to him.

He will likely never coach again because he looks so toxic. I could see the show-cause on Briles from the NCAA lasting ten years or more. To think we actually thought he was a decent guy, that he brought his high school offense to the Big 12, and that he was building something special at Baylor when all the while he was covering up some of the most disgusting crimes you could imagine.

This may never end

The sheer number of victims may be so large that lawsuits will keep cropping up when victims feel they can finally deal with the wrenching pain of going through what they went through. It must be terribly difficult to put out to the public that you were sexually assaulted and humiliated because it will make its way into the sports media.

I am not covering details here because I do not necessarily think I should even touch on the names of these poor women. They deserve to have the story told without me leaving their stories up for interpretation in the comment section.

Remember their basketball coach?

Their women's Basketball Coach effectively called us all wimps for not sending their daughters to Baylor, and their former men's basketball coach covered up a murder.

They do not really have the best track record for morals which is sad because I imagine most of the kids that go to Baylor are really cool and interesting kids who just wanted to go there for college. I know someone who just started, and I hope they have a great time. However, I have to wonder what the value system is within the hall of power.

The students and professors appear to be working on one level, but the administration and athletics department appears to have another.

They can lean on good people

Scott Drew is a great basketball coach for Baylor, and they have hired a new young football coach. I hope that these people can teach their boys to respect women and each other--a skill that was lacking in the past.