A former Baylor University student filed a lawsuit this week claiming she was drugged and gang-raped. The lawsuit alleges the school did nothing after learning about the former volleyball player's allegations in 2012. This is just the latest in a series of convictions and allegations over the past few years at Baylor, the world's biggest Baptist university. In response to the sexual violence, the U.S. Department of Education is now investigating whether the university tried to hide the allegations of assault in order to protect the winning Football Team.

The lawsuit explains that the ex-Volleyball Player is suing the school because of Baylor's indifferent reaction to the many student-on-student sex-based harassment and sexual assault charges.

Baylor hoping for a fair resolution

The university is trying to reach a fair resolution. In attempting to do so, Baylor has been in conversation with the woman's legal counsel for months. Baylor's football coaching staff had a 'show em a good time' policy that was central to their recruiting efforts. The lawsuit went on to state that the football team was permitted to engage in questionable behavior without any consequences. The university is alleged to have encouraged an atmosphere that promoted sexual violence toward women by its football team, with the football program allegedly using sex to attract recruits.

In a,n official statement, the college said they have the right to maintain Baylor's ability to present facts and answer to respond to all allegations in the legal filing presented to them this week.

Raped, verbally abused and publicly humiliated

The mother of the victim said that, after telling an assistant Baylor football coach of her daughter's rape, the coach never got back to her.

The former student and volleyball player claimed that she was a victim of verbal abuse and public humiliation by the football players after she had been gang-raped. Art Briles, Baylor's football coach, was fired last year. The university’s sexual assault scandals have also forced out Kenneth Starr, Baylor University's then-president, and chancellor.

Back in the 1990, Starr was well known for his investigation on sex scandals involving former President Bill Clinton.

A statement put out by Baylor University said the school has implemented strict changes, in order to remove sexual and gender-based discrimination and harassment.