The Houston Texans look terrible, and the Jacksonville Jaguars look amazing early in their game today. The Jacksonville offense has been fantastic as they cut up one of the best defenses in all of football. Blake Bortles has proven all his haters wrong, and he is making this writer rethink predictions for this season. We often forget that Bortles was fantastic in college, and he is simply fulfilling the promises that were made by his play so long ago when he was in Central Florida.

Bortles has changed

The Jacksonville staff looked silly when they made Blake Bortles their starter because they had a more solid veteran on their roster.

They were hoping that Bortles would become a very good player very fast, and they have been given everything they could have ever wanted and more. The Jaguars came out to play The Texans in a game that could have been devastating for their offense. The Texans have one of the best defensive units in all of football, and the Jaguars should have had a hard time moving the ball. The Jags are moving the ball efficiently, and the Texans offense is not functioning well at all. This is the perfect situation for Bortles, and it is making him look like he belongs in Canton in a couple of decades.

No guarantees

No one is guaranteeing that the Jaguars will look this good when the season is over, but they have hope for the future because they are running an offense that can move the ball against the best defense they will see all year.

The league may well use tape from this game to figure out how to stop Blake Bortles, but there is a glimmer of hope here that was not present when the game began. Jacksonville is proving to all of us that they may be on the right track after all. This writer will trust their process because he admits that he was dead wrong about how the Jaguars would look this season.

The AFC South crown?

The Jaguars will not compete to win this division because they are likely not as good as the Titans. The Texans will right the ship going into week two, and all will return to normal. However, the Jaguars may be close to the Texans and the Titans at the end of the season. There is no playoff spot for the Jaguars because the AFC is so deep, but the Jaguars may cause problems for the Texans and Titans as they fight for a playoff spot.

Jacksonville should be very proud of what they have done because they have turned their offensive potential into something that we can all see with our very own eyes. They must continue this style of play because it gives us all hope.